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Regency Leatherlife are expert Leather Cleaners – we make leather look new again

Regency Leatherlife is a leather cleaner based in Sydney. We have helped homes and business all over Sydney make their leather furniture look like new again. With quality upkeep, it will stay looking that way and save them thousands of dollars in the process. Call us today to be surprised just how cost-effective our services are.

Our Leather expert will come to you and clean domestic leather furniture. Furniture like leather lounges, office furniture, automotive leather, aviation leather and even leather clothing.

In other words, if you want your leather to last, you must keep it clean.

Leather is sturdy. However, it can be destroyed by constant contact with human skin. The oils on human skin can reverse the preservation methods used in tanning.

Regency Leatherlife – Expert Leather Cleaner

What makes Regency Leatherlife an excellent leather cleaner is our focus on keeping your cleaning regime just right. This is to maximise the Leather Life.

Our Leather Cleaner will arrive on time, do a thorough job, leave no mess behind. And then give you the option of making an appointment for your next leather cleaner visit. We don’t make unneeded appointments or waste any time or money. We ensure that your leather cleaning needs are met and your leather life is prolonged as far as it can be.

So, a call with our Leather Expert will answer all of your questions. It will help you understand what needs to be done and create the beginning of a trusting relationship. Our Leather expert knows his trade and has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. So, check out our reviews and testimonials to see what others have said about us.

Contact us today and make an appointment for our leather cleaner to visit your home, office, aeroplane or even your marina!

domestic leather cleaner

Domestic Furniture

The leather lounge in the Family Room usually gets the most use. Therefore it’s important to remove damage-causing perspiration and body oils
office leather cleaner

Office Furniture

Your corporate image can be diminished with an unkempt leather lounge. Remember, clients evaluate all aspects of your operation – we will help you your leather furniture make a good impression.
automotive leather cleaner


Battling city traffic can be stressful. Perspiration and body oils can secret through our clothing and damage seats and steering wheels. Keep them revitalised and looking new and maintain the true value of your car.
Aviation leather cleaner


Regency Leatherlife has been contracted to maintain the leather seats of many Corporate Jets as well as the jets of domestic carriers.
Marine leather cleaner


The Australian sun and salt air can take its toll on leather used in boats. Our expertise and formulations can keep them looking like new.
Clothing leather cleaner


How often should a leather jacket be cleaned? The answer is as often as your business suit. Perspiration and body oils attack key areas like collars and cuffs. So too, bag straps can wear shoulder areas. We can colour repair these areas to keep you looking smart.
leather cleaner Inspection Report

Inspection Reports

In cases of dispute with retailers or distributors, we can provide an honest appraisal that will help you to settle your case. We also provide written reports for insurance policies and claims.


After 25 years I’ve seen the benefits of how cleaning can keep leather in pristine condition and preserving it long term. Let us do the hard work for you.


The beauty of leather is that it is fully repairable and can be kept in pristine condition. Sometimes a little “cosmetic surgery” is needed – this is our specialty


Restore the original colour or change it, whichever you choose it will be like having a new furniture at a fraction of the price.


Everything lasts longer if maintained properly – Maintenance ensures many happy years with your leather investment.


Most problems regarding rips and tears or water damage can be easily fixed. Call us for a quote.

House Renovation

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Inspection Reports
Office or Domestic

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