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Greg Whitehead – Leather Specialist

Hi, I’m Greg Whitehead from Regency Leather Life. I’m in the Leather Repair and Protection business.

I take tired corporate furniture and breath life back into it. 

Many corporate offices commonly have beautiful leather furniture which is frequented by a high volume of human traffic and contact. However, keeping the leather looking good is difficult and time-consuming.

It needs to be done by a professional – not an office employee!

In the 1990’s I completed a 2-year certification in Leather production in order to fully understand how leather is made. This taught me about the strengths and weaknesses of leather in relation to the essential qualities needed for high-end furniture grade leather.

Since then, I have consulted to 5-star Hotels, Financial institutions, Law Firms and even Airlines.

I take tired corporate furniture and breath life back into it. 

Leathercare Is Often Left Until The Last Minute!

A big problem today is that many corporations put off the care of their leather office furniture until the last minute!

As a result, they do one of two things:

  • Host a meeting with their client with their leather still dirty.
  • Call in an emergency cleaner who doesn’t really understand leather

Hosting a Meeting With A Dirty Leather Lounge

Potential clients do notice the state of uncared for leather. It can often give an appearance of messiness, unprofessionalism and disorganisation. Which could cause embarrassment and even loss of business.

Using a Cleaner Who Doesn’t Understand Leather

Also, the corporation may employ a cleaner who doesn’t have a full understanding of leather. In time, it could cost them their furniture due to ignorance of how to clean leather. This mistake often sets into motion a decline in the integrity of the leather itself.

And, let’s face it, replacing high-quality leather can cost thousands of dollars and months worth of waiting to have remedied. This inconvenience can cause unneeded stress in the background of hosting your clients.

Nobody wants to feel the embarrassment of appearing messy and unprofessional!

Prevention is Preferable

My solution to this problem is a simple framework I have used successfully for many years. It is assessment, cleaning, restoration, curation and ongoing maintenance of the leather. My aim is to make the leather look as close to new as possible.

Why Do I Do This?

I believe that in the corporate world there is a lot of wastage, and it doesn’t stop with wasted paper. There is quite a lot of high-quality furniture being converted into landfill every year due to a lack of leather knowledge. Furniture which would last years longer if only it was cleaned and maintained regularly.

I have a personal dislike for wastage.

When I was 12, I had an old bicycle which I loved. I Wanted it restored but my parents bought me a new one instead. I was very let down because I didn’t want a new one, I was still very much in love with the old one.

Also, being a lover of history I hate the idea of discarding things just because they are old. I believe that every great piece of furniture has an amazing story behind it.

I want to help create a mindset in the corporate world where high-quality furniture is valued for a lot longer to avoid wastage and avoidable spending.

The Power of Restoration and Preservation

I believe there is power at the intersection of Restoration and Preservation. That we should restore the furniture to its former glory and then preserve it in order to make it as long-lasting as possible.

After your first visit from me, you will see an immediate improvement in the overall look of the furniture itself. So, if you have beautiful leather furniture in your office that is starting to wear or that you want to protect for the future give me a call. I will arrange a time to visit, inspect and quote for the care of your leather furniture. 

Greg Whitehead, Director



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