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Fashion may come and go but your leather
garments should last a lifetime.


How often should a leather jacket be cleaned? The answer is as often as your business suit. Perspiration and body oils attack key areas like collars and cuffs. So too, bag straps can wear shoulder areas. We can colour repair these areas to keep you looking smart.


After 20 years I’ve seen the benefits of how cleaning can keep leather in pristine condition and preserving it long term. Let us do the hard work for you.


The beauty of leather is that it is fully repairable and can be kept in pristine condition. Sometimes a little “cosmetic surgery” is needed – this is our specialty.


Most problems regarding rips and tears or water damage can be easily fixed. Call us for a quote.


Restore the original colour or change it, whichever you choose it will be like having a new seating at a fraction of the price.


Everything lasts longer if maintained properly – maintenance ensures many happy years from your leather investment.


Lee from Dural

“If I had known how easy it would all be, I would have had it done years ago”

Just a quick note to say how thrilled we are with the work you did on our old sofas, they look like brand new. If I had know how easy it would all be…

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Looking for beautiful leather furniture at the right price.